Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break '09

Mama and Daddy came down last Sunday and picked up me, Luke and Eli so we could spend a whole week with them on the "farm". We had a blast, and here are a few pictures. I would love to show all of them, but I'll just pick a few of my favorites.

Luke and David waiting for the egg hunt to get started.
My beautiful niece, Annalee.
Eli's birthday cake.
Luke and Eli's great-grandaddy and my grandaddy, Rudy.
Happy Micah and his mama
Eli stuck to the glue trap. Fortunately, he was the first to visit it.
I know, I should be ashamed. The funny thing is that he never would look at the camera. Mama said, "He kind of looks a little shamed face, doesn't he?" Eli and Rae had fun dressing up as "princesses".
Sweet Harris
Amazingly, the kitties are still alive after all seven grandchildren handling them.
We went to the lake for the weekend. Grandma visited with us on Saturday.

It was a really fun week, and we are so glad we got to go. I'll be putting the rest of the pictures on Facebook. There are too many good ones not to share!


Pajama Mama said...

You did NOT! Does your hubby know you posted a pic of his son on the internet for the world to see in a PRINCESS DRESS AND CROWN!?? I'll pray for ya, sistuh.

It was fun seeing you and your boys are just gorgeous. In a boy way. Not a princess way.

Heather said...

Uncle Rudy looks so happy!!