Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eli is Two!

I have a two year old again. Sweet Eli, you are the cuddliest, funniest, cutest, sweetest little two year old I know. Your kisses and hugs melt the weight of the day right off my shoulders. Thank you for every one that you've ever given me and for all the ones that I know are to come, since you are a cuddler.

Eli, every time I hold you in my arms and "wock" and "sing song" before putting you in the bed, I am amazed at how much my heart loves you. You truly own me. You are the joy and delight of my day. And boy, do you make me laugh, you little turkey! You are always coming up with some way to stir up trouble if nobody is doing anything interesting. You love to have fun!

Your daddy and I can't wait to see who you will become. We know you will be strong and mighty in the Lord. He has spoken that to our hearts from before you were born. You will stand up for right in such a way that people around you will be hungry to follow you in the path of righteousness. You have always been and will always be your own person, leading the way with a sense of humor, joy and passion for life. You are our treasure!

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nrm said...

Hannah, your boys are so precious. I know they are growing up on you and fast. They are beautiful. I hope and trust all is well with you.