Friday, July 25, 2008

Rainy Days

It has been raining here most afternoons, usually around 4:00 or so. A couple of days have been rainy all day long. It creates a few unusual phenomena. This is how you know the rain needs to move on:

1)Your toddler keeps bringing you mushrooms he picked from your flower beds. Sweet, but poisonous. No good.

2)When you let your children hang out outside with their shirts off for any period of time, the next day you find yourself frantically looking them over because you think they have the chickenpox. In actuality, they just have that many mosquito bites.

3)And the third way you know the rain and muggy humidity have got to go - When one of your children touches the outside glass of your french doors with food residue on their fingers, within twelve hours you have fur growing on that spot.

We love Florida!


the DUKES said...

hey hannah-heather also told me about yours and kate's blogs and i have really enjoyed getting a peek into your lives now and your insights into motherhood. your boys are adorable and i can't believe kate is about to have 3! take care-jacki

Catherine said...
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Anonymous said...

I literally said "ooooo gross" outloud when I read about the fur.

I'm going to be a smart-butt and one-up you when say at least it's not Seattle.....November to March baby! Don't you just love people like me who don't let you live in your pain for just a min?!?!

I love you girl! :)

KateVonGlahn said...

I saw fur on Gef and Christine's garage door today. OUTSIDE. Yick.