Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking for Lovie In All the Wrong Places

I read in a parenting magazine recently that it was healthy, and even preferable, for little boys to have comfort blankets or stuffed animals. I don't exactly remember why. Something about helping them learn to be loving since they tend to be expected to be tough more than girls, I think. I really was just relieved to read that because I think Luke might go to college with his lovie. Definitely kindergarten.

Here is a picture of Lovie.

Not only is Lovie special to my little boy's heart, Lovie is talented. He can do a disappearing act. If I calculated the amount of time I've spent searching for Lovie...let's just say it's a lot. And without fail, if I go searching all over the house, he's sitting in the trailer outside. And if I look everywhere outside, he's sitting on my kitchen counter when I come back in. It's miraculous.

One time, we left Lovie at Grandma's house across town. It was a tragedy.

I know that the logical thing to do would be to work with Luke to break the addiction, but call me an enabler. I want to purchase about ten more of these lovies. If you ever see a lovie like this one, let me know where, and I'm there.


Anna said...

Not too worry, we did the same for Joseph....

Christy Ward said...

Andrew has to sleep with something also. Although, he is not attached to one particular blanket....yet!

Anonymous said...

Psychology Lesson # 101: Lovie is what we call a transitional object for Luke as he learns to move from dependence on his mother to independence as a psychically healthy toddler. It all goes back to the breast. (laugh). For more information, check out "transitional object" on Wikipedia and it will make sense.

Brought to you by your friend whose first year in her counseling-psychology masters program gives her enough information to be dangerous. See you next time I'm home!!