Wednesday, May 7, 2008


All three of the boys got home haircuts this week. It was Eli's first haircut, and the first time Kris and I have attempted to cut Luke's hair. Up to this point, Mama has cut his hair, and Kris' dad cut it once. The only photo I have at all is one of Luke after the fact.

We were pleased with how their hair turned out. I'm a little sad that we weren't able to get a picture of Eli's first haircut, but it took some skill just to cut it between the two of us. Let's just say that Eli doesn't really like to be messed with, particularly held down.


Christy Ward said...

How do you do this?? I would be nervous about cutting their ears ;)!!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Trust me, it was not very graceful. And we just buzzed Kris' hair. Even still, there was a lot of pulling away and tense moments on Kris' part!

KateVonGlahn said...

I'm impressed. It actually looks good.