Thursday, February 21, 2008

Furry Animals

We live in an area that is somewhat wooded and that houses a little bit of wildlife. Luke, like all children, loves animals of all kinds. Furry, wild, domestic, colorful - it matters not to him. We are blessed to have some "Creecocks" (Peacocks) that live in and around our neighborhood. I guess I can say blessed because they have never pecked a hole in their reflections on the bumper of my car, just my neighbors. Our cars are probably too dirty for there to be a reflection on our bumper. The racoons that eat our cat food at three in the morning are a particular favorite of Kris'. They have challenged his ability to rig cat doors on numerous occasions. I believe he has come out the victor on that one, but the racoons won out on the fight with the inflatable pool. May it rest in peace, or should I say pieces.

Down the road are some cows and horses, and often on our way to visit them we see different types of birds, dogs, cats and occasionally a pig. Luke's newest favorite freinds are the squirrels. He will walk around the yard looking for them and then stand under their tree refuge to watch them jumping around from branch to branch. Apparently, the squirrels in our yard know the danger that a two year old little boy imposes, and so they run. Luke, tired of the squirrels running from him yesterday, shouts out, "C'mere squirrel! I hold you! Luke wanna hold you!" I doubled over laughing at the cuteness of it all, but sadly, the squirrel did not want to be held. Personally, I am of the opinion that squirrels wouldn't make the best pet anyway. But for a moment, I wanted to catch that squirrel and make him stay still so my little boy could have what he wanted.

I love being a mama. I love feeling the place in my heart expand to bursting that wants the world for my babies. It is so fun and wonderful, so full of life. It is those moments that make the miserable days of teething and sleepless nights of earaches, croup and random awakenings so forgettable.


Anna said...

I'm big on nature, if you couldn't tell that already, and love to hear how children react to it. Cool.

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