Thursday, October 16, 2014

Susanna's First Birthday

If I had known how fast this year would fly, I probably would have wanted to chain myself to the floor and stop all activities so I could sit and not miss a single second of this sweet child's first year. I cannot believe she's already one. I cannot even begin to describe how much joy she has brought our family. From the second her eyes open in the morning to the time I shut her door at night she is receiving kisses, hugs, silly faces...we basically all act like fools just to be rewarded with her smiles. And she gives them freely.

September 19 was celebrated with dinner at Olive Garden and her birthday was celebrated on the 28th at our new home. We warmed the house and ate birthday cake at the same time. 

a little pre-birthday happiness
 The beautiful cake a family friend made
 Grandma Clair made it just in time for the party
 and friends
 Grandma Bonnie
 a sneak peak of the new house
 It's cake time! She is not sure about this...
 Yes, this looks promising.
 Everybody is staring.
 Okay, give me the cake.
 Fingers are good.
 Hands are better.
 Fistfuls are the best!
 Wait! One more bite!
 Pink mascara
 Wink, wink!

Susie Q! I love you!

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