Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs

When I saw Annie Downs' book Let's All Be Brave as one of my options for books to review on BookLook Bloggers, I was thrilled. I went to college with Annie and know her to authentic and funny. I expected her book to be the same, and I was not disappointed. What I did not expect was to weep through a large portion of the book.

I can't even say why, exactly, this book made me weep except that it hit me in my tender spot. You know, the place where God has already been poking and prodding. My "word" that God gave me at the beginning of this year was BRAVE. I have had, as we all do, many chances to practice being brave this year, but in reading this book I feel God's summons to me was taken to a new level.

Let's All Be Brave challenges and encourages, awakening old dreams while inspiring new ones, highlighting big acts of bravery while applauding small ones. Even in reviewing this, I feel myself shiver with anticipation for opportunities that I know are coming my way. Chances to say yes and dive into the unknown as well as the difficult known.

I definitely recommend Annie's book. Even if you don't read something in it you've never seen before, you will be reminded of many truths and opportunities you will want to grab hold of for the future.

I gave my opinion on this book in exchange for a free copy from BookLook Bloggers. My opinions are my own.

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