Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eli is Seven!

Eli's birthday got celebrated several times. We had a party when we were in Georgia for Easter, cupcakes as a family on his actual birthday and then cake and presents again this past Sunday with Kris' family. He's still saying it's his birthday. And why not? He's pretty awesome and totally worth celebrating over and over again.

I got a gift on his birthday too. I got to have him all to myself. My neighbor watched Susanna while Judah and Luke were in school. After his check up we went to Walmart to pick out his gift.

Then Susanna joined us for lunch at Chili's. Which is why the picture is blurry.

It's so rare that I get one on one time with Eli. The child is just fun. He's funny, he's polite, he's easy. In the chaos that abounds in our household, sometimes those qualities get lost a bit. It's amazing how much more settled he has been since that day. Almost like he knows himself again. I love it.

Eli, you sweet, fuzzy-headed, second baby bear of mine, you light up my life! I enjoy you! I'm so proud of who you are, you're very own self. There isn't a thing about you I would change. Not one thing. I can't wait to see what fun things this next year brings for you. I know that you will be brave and take the challenge. You have what it takes! Thank you for loving me and wanting to spend your day with me. I treasure that time, and I treasure you!

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