Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eli's Birthday Bash

We celebrated Eli's birthday with family the Sunday before his actual birthday.  While I know a day will come where the boys want to invite every friend they've ever had, I am enjoying how much easier a family party is.  They are fully satisfied, and I am grateful!

Again this year, Eli didn't want a theme.  I kept making suggestions, and all he would say is that he wanted strawberry cake. So, Publix gave him the biggest strawberries I've ever seen for his cake, and he loved them.

In heaven!
Batman and his cousin stopped by to eat some cake.

'Cause really, as long as there are presents, that's all that matters to a six year old, right?

A Razor scooter with sparks was at the top of his wish list.  The wheels and the side of the scooter light up and the back break makes sparks.  So fun.

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