Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I used to beat myself up that I had not started traditions like most of the other moms I know.  Then I realized that none of their children where under three, and I relaxed my expectations of myself in that department.  I have, however, started (and kept!) one tradition for the past several years.  The pumpkin patch!  We always get at least one good picture of each of the boys and our family.

Beautiful blues on my mini-Kris

Happy boy, always a smile. Just not usually for the camera, so this is his only picture.

I had to put several of Judah so I could show - OH. MY. GOODNESS! - how "big boy" he has gotten.  I gasped when I looked at the pictures.

This is not a picture of a baby.  This boy is so grown up. My heart just broke a little...
But not so big boy he wasn't still interested in the fun stuff.

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