Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Love

I know I'm one of the lucky ones.  I met and married my perfect match.  He's kind, unselfish, generous, gentle, brave, funny, easy.  He loves me so unconditionally.  He chooses me even when I'm being difficult or selfish.  He enjoys being with me more than doing things by himself.  I am his first priority after Jesus.

And that's another thing.  He loves Jesus.  He seeks out God's truth and applies it to his life.  He encourages me to do the same.  He's unafraid to tell someone who God is and what He's done for him and our family.  When he struggles, he knows how to encourage himself in the Lord.  When we disagree, he allows the Holy Spirit to show him where he's wrong (and let me just be honest in saying that most of the time I'm the one who is wrong).  When our family needs an answer, he is faithful to pray and seek one from God.  He's the real deal.

Kris, when you were born 34 years ago, God was happy.  He was happy that He would have you as His friend, and He was happy that I would have you as mine.  You are my most precious earthly treasure, and I love you!

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