Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DNA Discussion

One day a couple of weeks ago we had one of Luke's friends over whose dad is six foot eight.  He's a big boy himself, probably about three inches taller than Luke, even though he's only two months older.  Luke wanted to know why having a tall dad made the kid so much taller than him.  I said, "It's his genes.  He has his parents' DNA just like you have your parents' DNA."

Why do I do this to myself?  I should have known he would not be satisfied with that and would want a more in depth answer.

Luke: "Yeah, but how do we get our parents' DNA?"
Me: "You were in my belly."
Luke (with a long suffering sigh): "I know about DNA, and I know how I got your DNA.  How did I get Dad's DNA?"
Me: "Umm...well...ummm...He kissed me?"
Luke: "Oh, okay."

And then he went back to playing, and I went back to breathing.

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