Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Boy Bed and Bed Time Update

Monday we broke down Judah's crib and put up the twin bed that came from Kris' sister.  Judah has been sleeping in the crib with one side removed for a while, so we figured he would do just fine.  Which he did.  He did give the bed a funny and then sad look, almost like he was trying to figure out what it had done with his crib.

I, however, was not prepared for how tiny he would look once asleep in that twin bed with his knees tucked under him and his hiney up in the air.  It almost made me hyperventilate, and I (only halfway) joked to Kris that I wanted him to get the crib out and put it back together so I could scoop my baby up and move him to the security of his crib.  Kris asked me if I was serious and then told me to relax.


Honestly, he has slept better this week than he has in a while.  If you'll recall, bedtime has been a bit of a nightmare for months.  We finally resorted to turning the doorknob around and locking him in.  We turned the doorknob around a while back, but it wasn't until recently that we reached the point of such absolute frustration that his hysterical fits when we locked the door didn't split our hearts right in half.  We always still give him at least one or two chances to stay in his bed on his own, but the funny thing is, as soon as we lock his door, he goes to sleep without a fuss.  It's almost like he's saying, "Thank you!  Now that I don't have to try to practice self control I can relax and go to sleep!"  And he doesn't curl up on the floor at the door, which was heartbreaking in itself, now that he has a big boy bed.  He actually climbs right back in his bed.


Lauren said...

Ah, that must be hard moving your baby into a big boy bed! He still looks so tiny in that twin bed. Glad to hear he did well!

The Cornett Family said...

Oh Hannah, I can imagine how heartbreaking bed time has been. My Austin does not do night time well, and it has broken my heart over and over to hear his cries for me. I am so glad his big boy bed did the trick. He does look so tiny, but so happy :).