Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinterest Pickpocket

This week is teacher appreciation week at Eli's school.  I am a firm believer that there is not a teacher out there who wouldn't rather receive a group gift from the class rather than 20 paperweights.  Therefore, another mom and I organized a week of class gifts.  I wanted to not only buy something nice that the teachers would enjoy but to also come up with a creative, memorable gift that would let them know that what they are doing for our children is so appreciated.  So I stole one off Pinterest.  My day was Tuesday, and I made a photo collage of the class.  It took me to the maximum limits of my current creative and technical abilities (I say "current" because I'm determined to grow!), but I was pleased with the outcome.  So where Eli's teachers.

Can you spot my little cheeser?  It was hilarious taking pictures.  To the child, each girl smiled and posed sweetly.  Almost every single boy made a crazy face or refused at least once to have their picture taken.  I even had to take several boys' pictures again on another day (including Eli's).  Sigh. They're just born that way, I guess.


Catherine said...

Look at you, crafty Mom!!!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

trying...thanks for the encouragement. :)

The Journey said...

Such a CUTE idea!