Monday, April 30, 2012

Eli is Five!

Eli, when I'm with you, it's not just my lips that smile.  When I'm with you, I smile with my lips, my eyes, my cheeks, my heart and all the way to my toes!  You are so much fun, and you light up this whole family.  Thank you for all the snuggles and kisses you give.  I love your sweet lips.  Thank you for all the silly jokes you make.  You have such a good sense of humor!  Thank you for how generous you are.  You share and give things, but you also give your whole heart.  Thank you for how much you love your family.  You make each one of us love better.  
Eli, you are clever and witty.  You are always making jokes, and they are really funny!  You are smart.  You constantly surprise me with the things you've picked up just by listening. You are my snuggle bug.  I always feel loved by you.  Thank you for being interested in me, in your brothers, in your Daddy.  You are an encourager.  You give compliments well.
You are not a people pleaser.  You are a people lover.  And because of that people love you.  I can't wait to see who you become and where you go in your life.  For now, I'm glad you just want to stay right here with us.

Happy Birthday, my sweet five year old!  I love you with my whole heart!

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