Saturday, December 24, 2011

No More Babies

There are officially no more babies in this house.  Judah is two, and while he has believed himself to be every bit as big as his brothers pretty much since he was born, this morning he woke up with a two year old vocabulary and a two year old attitude.  Every time Judah says a new word Luke will say, "Mama! Write that in his baby book.  I promised him I would eventually and that I would blog about it for his birthday.  Which was Thursday. 

I'm reminded all over again that I am going to have to plan a celebration for his birthday early in December every year because if I don't, it won't happen.  Today, at Kris' parents' house, we're celebrating his birthday with a candle in brownies.  He won't know the difference and he won't care, but if we're still trying to celebrate with brownies when he's ten...well, he might need therapy.

Judah's vocabulary is growing every day, his sense of humor is growing every day, his daring is growing every day, his belly is growing every day.  Big, big boy.  Yesterday when we were in the car heading home I heard him in the backseat saying, "Hello! Bye! Hello! Bye!"  I looked back there and he had his foot up to his ear like a cell phone.  Funny!

He's saying "I'nna see" "Want this" "Wanna go" "More please" "All done" and lots of other multiple word phrases.  I'm not sure that anyone else really understands him, but his mama, daddy and brothers do.  He hauls himself over the top of things that are waaaaay too high for my comfort.  He's starting to actually sit down and play with toys rather than only wandering around getting into stuff.  He still leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes, but he's enjoying making trucks move, putting blocks together and throwing balls.  He loves to make loud noises, fart noises, happy get the idea.  All. Boy. All. The. Time.

Judah loves a good bath, loves outside, loves his brothers, loves his family.  And anyone who has spent even a little time with him knows he loves to eat.  The boy can put away some food.  He will eat things I would never be able to get the other two to eat.  Heck, sometimes it's stuff I don't even want to eat!  Loves food.

What a treasure Judah is to us.  He absolutely is adored and enjoyed.

Judah, Mama loves you.  Daddy loves you.  Luke and Eli love you.  Grandma, Papa, Grandmama and Grandaddy love you.  You are one of the most loved two year olds in the world!  Happy birthday!

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Melissa Morris said...

Cara & I love Judah too!!!!