Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A friend (Thanks, Hannah!!) recommended the website to me. It is a site that offers free books in return for a review on your blog as well as a review on a consumer retail site. This is my first review and all the comments and opinions that follow are mine, all mine.

 I love Jesus, but I do not always love Christian fiction.  Many times while reading Christian novels I find myself thinking, "Cheesy, unauthentic and boring!" and reading about every third page. Shocking confession, I know, but I like to think that I am not cheesy, unauthentic or boring, and I don't want what little time I spend reading for pleasure to be any of those things.  (If I am cheesy, unauthentic or boring, please, for the love of heaven, tell me!)  But I really liked Softly and Tenderly.  I felt like it was an honest portrayal of what it's like to suffer, feel real emotion and then lay those emotions, feelings and your will at the feet of Jesus.  This book had enough twists and turns, both in the story line and in the characters' responses to them, to keep things interesting without frustrating the reader.  It definitely gets a two thumbs of from me and I highly recommend it to you.


Melissa Morris said...

you are all 3, cheesy, inauthentic and boring, but we love u anyway! Just kidding!!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

So, you made me look it up. And according to, both are correct. Unauthentic and inauthentic. But I had to breath a sigh of relief because your vocabulary is much better than my own!