Friday, May 27, 2011

May, In Moments

It seems like our lives have been in a whirlwind since Christmas, but especially the months of April and May.  We have had lots of fun and made some special memories:

Luke's Mother's Day Tea
(This was such a special time.  You could see all over his little face that he knew he was loved, and he was proud of his mama.)
Eli's Mother's Day Tea
(Once he realized that Mama was in the building, he would have nothing to do with his teachers or friends.  We left school early that day.)

 The next morning I left for a trip with my parents and sisters in Puerto Rico. It was beautiful.
 At the top of a lookout tower.
 Daddy had a little trouble figuring out how to work my camera, and this was the result.  We're not a very patient bunch.
 We hiked down a trail in the rain forest to a waterfall.
 And even though it was worth it, the hike back up was...intense.
 There were these crazy iguanas at our resort that would do a belly flop out of the trees into the pool.

 In the meantime, Judah is growing like a weed and figuring out all kinds of ways to get into trouble. I have to shut just about every door in the house these days to keep him contained.
 Luke's preschool graduation was this week.  He is thrilled that he will be in kindergarten next year. I have mixed emotions!
Luke with his friends Maggie and Haley.  (Yes, this Haley.)
Luke with his best school bud, Cole.
Luke and Eli were signed up for soccer.  Luke had a great time playing, and Eli says he'll just wait and play next year.

So, vacations are done, parties are done, school is done, soccer is done, MOPS is done and Mama is DONE!  I'm going to go lay on the couch with my boys.

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Hilliard Family said...

I'm sorry but that pic of y'all in PR is HILARIOUS! I love it!