Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eli is Four

Eli had his birthday week last week.  We celebrated with family last Sunday, with friends at school Wednesday and at home on Thursday, his actual birthday.  I still can't believe he's already four.  It almost seems as though he has morphed into a big boy overnight.  He has started asking more intuitive questions, understanding more abstract concepts, quit sucking his thumb. (He had a little help with that.  He nearly cut the pad of his thumb off with scissors at school, and the result was that he wasn't able to suck his thumb.  Extreme measures, but I am grateful.)  He is still most happy at home with his family and doesn't easily venture too far away from Mama's side, but I know he will all too quickly grow out of that, so I'm not rushing it.

I know I say it about each one of my children, but there is just something about this child.  He had my heart from the very beginning.  I often wonder who he takes after.  His daddy and I are both so even keel.  He is so passionate.  He feels hurt, sadness, anger, weariness so intensely.  He feels happiness, contentment, excitement, love so intensely.  He is loyal and devoted, kind and generous.  He often shares and offers encouragement without prompting.  He protects his brothers and his mama and daddy when he thinks we might need it.  Sometimes I think I want to protect him and his little heart because I know he gives so intentionally.  If he gives his affection, he meant to.  I want to tell him to protect himself from those I know will not appreciate what he is offering.  Instead, I know I need to simply learn from him. 

I love you, Eli!  You make me smile every day.  You keep me on my toes and make me a better mom every day.  I love who you are and the part you play in this family.  Thank you for the way you love us.  Happy four year old birthday. 

 And while he did get some great birthday gifts, who needs toys when Daddy has an air compressor?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Eli! I think you and Benji would have fun playing together. :)