Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bye, Bye!

We are all on the mend.  Luke and I both had Scarlet Fever, which is just a scary sounding way to say we had strep throat and didn't know it until we got the rash that goes along with it.  I sent Luke to school on Tuesday  because I had no idea he was still sick until he broke out into a nasty looking rash Tuesday night.  I knew he didn't look like he felt 100%, but I kept trying to talk to him about how he felt until he said, "Mama, you've asked me one hundred times!" 

Okay, then. 

I knew I had a sinus infection but couldn't figure out why I could sleep four hours during the day and still happily go to sleep at night.  Let's just say the laundry got washed, everybody got fed and the rest took care of itself.  Anyway, we're much better.  Unfortunately, over half of Luke's class was out today.  Most with a rash.  I have been assured that it could have come from other sources, but you can imagine that I have heaped mounds of guilt upon myself about not realizing Luke was sick before the rash.  C'est La Vie.

Anyway, Judah is the star of this post with his new, super cute trick. It's much cuter in person, of course.  And I tried to explain to him that the screaming at the end takes away from the cuteness, but he said to stop wasting my breath and feed him more sweet potatoes.

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