Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better Left Behind

Some things are better left behind.  This week is most assuredly one of them. 

WARNING:  I'm about to whine.  If you don't like whining, consider yourself warned.

I'll put it simply.

Sunday: Eli-Stitches.
Monday/Tuesday: Judah-stomach bug.
Wednesday: Luke-fever, Eli-fever (continued through Friday).
Friday: Stitches removed, strep test on Eli negative.
Saturday: Mama-cough, dizzy head, achy.
Sunday: Luke, Eli, Mama - More of the same.  But no stitches.

Here's to a better week starting now!


Lauren said...

ooh no! Sounds like another tough week. You are allowed to whine after dealing with all that! Hope the lurking bug leaves your house soon!

Pajama Mama said...

Y'all feel better!!!! No fun when the mama's down, too!

Christy Ward said...

Hope you have had a better week this week!!