Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quotable Quotes

Judah and Eli have had the crud, so Eli hasn't been able to go to school this week.  First!  You get used to having just one child around a couple mornings a week pretty quickly.  Second off, poor Eli.  He loves school and hasn't been thrilled about missing.  This morning I checked his nose to see how it was looking.  It was still runny, so I said, "Bummer, your nose is still running."  Quickly grasping what that meant for his school status, he said, "They have tissues at my school, Mom."  Smart little three year old.

I wrote about Eli being a copy cat here.  It sometimes frustrates Luke.  Okay, it really frustrates Luke.  Like, to the point that he whispers what he wants for breakfast so Eli can't hear and copy it.  Last night he whispered in Kris' ear that he wanted a piece of candy after dinner.  Eli, with his super hero hearing, comes sprinting into the kitchen, "I want a piece of candy tooooooo!"  Luke threw his hands up in the air and said, "For goodness sake, Eli!"

My MOPS group will be filling boxes for Operation Christmas Child again this year.  Luke was filling out a questionnaire that goes in the box so the child who receives the box can correspond with him.  I was explaining to him that the box will go to a little boy or girl in another continent like Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. and then that child might write him a letter. To which he declared, "I want a pretty girl from Africa!  Because I like pretty girls a lot."

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