Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Judah At Ten Months

Judah is already ten months.  I feel a little panicky sometimes when it hits me how quickly he's turning into a little boy instead of a baby.  Oh, and he is a little boy already.  He has learned how to make farting noises by blowing on the leather chair.  He grabs himself the second I take his diaper off to change him.  He eats whatever I give him and lots of it.  He smiles at anything female.  And he is happiest when he's being tossed around by his daddy or brothers.  Definitely all boy. 

 Luke and Eli still think he's fun.  They like it when he does big boy things with them.
 Sometimes Judah enjoys their love and sometimes he just has to endure it.
 He is more tolerant of Luke's type of affection.  (Mama, I promise Luke has had a hair cut since this picture.)
Judah is standing without holding on to anything for maybe ten seconds at a time.  He might be my only early walker.  He doesn't like to be crawling when everyone else is walking, so that would make him happy.  He is a really content fella, and he is always happy in other people's care.  He likes to give me a hard time, though.  If I'm anywhere near he has to fuss unless he's in my arms or at least has my attention.  When I'm holding him and talking to someone else he'll grab my face and turn it so he can smile at me.  He's a little possessive of his mama, which I may fuss about, but I secretly love it.  He gets jealous when I hold Eli or Luke.  It would have freaked me out if my other two were ever like this but with Judah it makes me smile.  I know how quickly they get to the point where Mama's affection is more tolerated than desired. 

Happy ten months, Judah!

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