Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rock Star

Today was "Rock Star" day at Luke's school in celebration of the letter R. We had fun dressing Luke up, and the hair was even a success. I don't know that he quite understands what a rock star is, exactly. He kept mentioning birthdays and his friend from his tee-ball team named Rox. I asked him if he had fun at his rock star party and he answered, "Yeah, it was fun, but Rox wasn't there." Oh well, he was still the cutest rock star I've ever seen.

Seriously, he kept pulling his sunglasses down and giving me the, "How you doin'?" look. Too funny!

'Cause what good is a muscle tee if you don't show off your muscles?

1 comment:

The Journey said...

So cute!! Now all he needs is a powerwheels harley!