Thursday, September 23, 2010

Judah at Nine Months

Judah is officially nine months old.  This year is flying by so fast.  The first year has never been my favorite part of having children, but I have to say that at night when I'm nursing him before bed I sit and hold him thinking the whole time, "You are growing up way too fast, and I want you to stay a baby for longer."  Sometimes it absolutely makes my heart hurt.  He is sweet and handsome, funny and engaging.  He is at the point now where I have to peel him off of me like a banana whenever I drop him off somewhere or put him in the car seat or put him to bed or put him on the floor with his toys or put him anywhere, actually.  Oddly, most of the time I don't even mind it.  Maybe because he doesn't really act ugly about it.  He just whimpers and looks at me like, "But I want to be with you!" 

We had a photo session in the grass last night.  He wanted to check out his surroundings before we got serious about pictures.
After every blade was properly tasted, he was willing to smile for a bit.
And then he was done.
Kris and I got a date night this past weekend, and when we got Judah up the next morning the sitter had put him to bed in these jammies.  He was absolutely yummy!

We went back to the foot doctor this week, and we are officially finished with the corrective shoes!  His foot still turns in, but the muscles are flexible and the drift will be able to correct itself with time.  I haven't taken Judah for his nine month check-up yet, but at the foot doctor he weighed a little under 22 pounds.  He is wearing 18 months clothes now!

Judah is crawling all over the place now.  You would think that since he's my third child I would remember important things like making sure the boys haven't dropped pieces of cucumber on the floor or left checkers lying around.  Good times.  I also have to continually remind myself to SHUT THE BATHROOM DOOR!!!  I have found him hanging over the edge of the toilet with toilet paper in his mouth and on his hands more than once.  The toilet paper came off the roll on the wall and not from the toilet, but the sight is a shocker, nonetheless. 

Judah, you are precious to us.  We need you in our family.  You give something to each one of us that no one else can offer.  We love you!

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