Thursday, September 10, 2009

It Truly Is the Little Things

I took the boys to Chic-Fil-A today for lunch so they could play on the playground while I visited with a friend. We had a great time. Eli and I had a conversation about lunch before we went, which I caught on video. The child has a great vocabulary, but he's still young enough to have that baby voice that just makes you want to squeeze the life out of him (in a good way, of course). I love it when he looks at me with his beautiful, big, blue eyes and talks to me. I'd give him the whole world if he asked for it. Don't tell him I said that, though. I think he already knows, but he doesn't need anyone to put any ideas in his head.

I love how excited kids get about the simplest things. The other day in Wal-Mart I picked up some marshmallows so we could make Rice Krispie treats (I won't tell you how often I've been making them these days or how many I can eat in a single afternoon.), and I really wish I could have gotten on camera Luke's expression and voice when he saw me pick up the bag. It was so reminiscent of a certain Christmas morning in my childhood caught on video involving pink and white saddle oxfords and my own very high pitched, squealing, excited voice. Let's just say it's a family legend. It made me laugh and wish all at the same time that my heart was still so easily contented by $1.46.

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Christy Ward said...

I, too, attempted to make rice krispy treats with Andrew. Didn't turn out so well: he ate most of the rice krispies before I could get the marshmallows mixed in....and then half the mixture had a ton of marshmallows while the other half barely stuck together! What are your ticks?!