Monday, March 23, 2009

We Made It

We are all better. Luke didn't get off the couch without being carried until Monday. Kris broke his wrist playing softball Wednesday night and then came down with the flu Saturday. He didn't go back to work until Wednesday. It was a bummer of a week.

THANK THE LORD!!! Eli and I didn't catch the plague. Eli ran around the house like he had wheels for feet the entire time Luke was sick. I'm not sure if he liked having everything to himself or liked having Luke and Daddy stationary or both. I'm just glad he was happy. That helped tremendously.

So, we're officially done being sick for the winter. I'm calling the winter off. No more sickness allowed in this house!


Hilliard Family said...

Let me know if your proclamation works.

KateVonGlahn said...

I can totally envision Eli with wheels.

familyof8 said...

Glad you are all well. I know your Mom is really excited about your trip to GA soon. A whole week together!!!

Your boys are getting so big...what cuties.