Monday, December 15, 2008

The Things We Do

Luke got a new bed two weeks ago. It was a nice bunk bed set from Rooms to Go that someone was getting rid of for a great price. Here's a picture:

About that same time is when Luke kicked the passy habit. It was also when Luke had a nasty cold. Sooo, the fact that naps have not been going well is not a big surprise. The question is, "Is it the new bed? No passy? Not being able to breath because of the cold?"

After a week of nap time battles, I have decided it's the bed. Too much freedom.

He's not roaming the house. He's simply getting out of the bed to look out the window, stretching as far as he can across the room with his toes still touching the bed (so he's not technically out of the bed), laying over the edge of the end of the bed, etc, etc, etc. The other day, he laid in bed from 1:30 until I finally got him up at 4:00. I have threatened, punished, laid with him, let him stay up later, begged, and nothing has worked.

Today, I prayed, "GOD!!! HELP!!! This child needs a nap!" And I thought, what if I put him on the top bunk and take the ladder away? The bottom bunk if a full bed, but the top is a twin with rails all the way around. Kind of like a crib.

Ya'll. He fell asleep in five minutes.

Maybe I'm a terrible mother for letting my just barely three year old sleep on the top bunk (Kris will probably crap a brick when he finds out), but I am a terrible mother who is so grateful for God's inspiration.


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you gotta do what you've gotta do...we have similiar bunk beds and are trying to get the boys to learn to sleep together. after 5 nights in a row of them waking up, we decided to put them back in their individual rooms so we could all get some sleep.