Thursday, December 4, 2008

"I Will Survive"

I've been thinking that I need to update, but honestly, I don't have much exciting to say. In the past three weeks, between the four of us, we've had:

1 stomach bug (Kris)
5 colds (Luke is on #2)
4 ear infections (Yes, all four of us)
1 sinus infection (me)
and 1 trip to the emergency room.

We ended up in the ER when we were in Camilla because Kris and I had both developed ear infections and me a sinus infection and Eli's ear had not cleared up with the first round of antibiotics. It wasn't a "real" emergency (except that Eli's whining was making me feel homicidal), but there weren't any quick care clinics in town. I felt silly going in, but when the doctor look at our ears and said, "Ooh!", I felt a little better.

So, aside from the leftover coughing and nose blowing, we're much better. Eli even played beside me today instead of climbing on my back like a monkey all day. Seriously, Tuesday was so bad I went to the bathroom with him in my lap. At the end of the day I had claw marks on my neck from his death grip. Silly me for thinking he was going to let me put him down.

Thanksgiving was a blur, and we are definitely ready to head back to Camilla at Christmas and have fun. We're just so glad to be almost totally better!


Pajama Mama said...

I saw your title and now the song is stuck in my head. "Once I was afraid...I was petrified.."

I'm glad you're feeling better...and hope your claw marks healed up.

Anonymous said...

too bad we can not get our whinny boys together...and i've done the bathroom think a lot lately. yes, we WILL surive.

Hilliard Family said...

Our two weeks before Thanksgiving were like that. We're praying for health through the move now or I'll never get it all done!

KateVonGlahn said...

Can you promise me that we will survive?