Thursday, August 7, 2008

Making Good on Kate's Promise

I know I'm a little past due here, but Kate did promise you some pictures of Rae's trip to visit us last week. Mom came with Rae, but sadly, I didn't get any pictures of her. I really didn't get many pictures at all, but we had a two year old and two one year olds. We didn't have much time for things like pictures.

A new splash pad was opened at a park about five minutes from the house, and we went there twice with Mom and Rae. It was lots of fun. Rae and Luke were a little nervous day one but totally brave the second day.

Mama and I took Rae shopping with us for THREE hours. She was amazing. Seriously, I think I had to tell her to sit down in the cart twice. That was the extent of "dealing" with her that we had to do. A child that you can take shopping for more than five minutes. Where can I get me one of those?

Love, love, love the pigtails!! Rae got her first (?) experience with play dough. She only licked it a couple of times, but I don't think she actually ate any. She really liked it, Kate. I definitely think you should introduce it to your home.

Rae and Luke really love each other.

We're ready for another visit!!


KateVonGlahn said...

Thanks for the cute pictures. I love the one with her funny face!

Anonymous said...

her pig tails ARE precious. how fun to be cousins.

Pajama Mama said...

So fun that Rae got to visit cousins while her mommy and I were relaxing on the beach....heehee.

Hilliard Family said...

GIRLS, girls are good for shopping for three hours. Boys, not so much. At least not in my current experience.