Friday, October 25, 2013

One Month Already?!

I cannot believe Susanna is already a month old (actually five weeks, it's been a busy week). She is eating great.  When I took her for her check-up, she had gained almost two pounds in two weeks!  She's right under ten pounds, and we love her chunk.  So cute!

I tried to get a few pictures, but I couldn't get the light exactly like I wanted it.  They're still sweet.

She still smiles all the time, and I have even gotten one "real", fully awake smile from her.  Totally melts me.

 A little humor.  She gets the middle finger usage from her daddy.

Love those lips!

And this is when she was done.

Every one of us is loving her.  I have been amazed how much her brothers have held her, talked to her, kissed her, petted her.  I'm constantly saying, "If she's asleep, leave her be!" It's so hard for them to leave her alone because they are loving her so much.

The other day we were eating dinner and Eli bumped into Susanna's head as she was laying in my arms. She was completely unfazed, but I said, "Eli, careful, you bumped her head." Judah burst into tears, wailing, "Eli hit my baby sisser's head!!!!!"

They're already so tender towards her. I love it.

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Allison said...

Hi, I'm one of Lauren Green's best friends & I just wanted to pop by & say congratulations to you & your growing family! Susanna is beautiful!