Sunday, September 8, 2013

"My School Ready?"

It was super frustrating to Judah that we dropped his brothers off at school every day for two weeks while he didn't get to go.  I kept trying to explain that his school wasn't quite ready yet.  After I used that a couple times, he started asking every day, "My school ready?"  He also kept trying to get his backpack out and ready to go.  He even started pulling his clothes out at night for the next day, like his brothers do every night.  So, finally, Judah got to start school Wednesday after Labor Day.

I could only get him to cooperate for a picture when I said it was for Daddy.
 'Cause what's cuter than a backpack as big as the kid?

Judah has the same three year old teachers that Eli had.  They are great.  The first day, I did manage to snag a kiss and hug.  The second day, he was way too quick and bolted to circle time before I could grab him.  At least I know he's happy, my little social butterfly.

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