Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Day In the Life

"What have you been up to lately?" I get asked that question a lot.  

"What did you do today?"  I get asked that question a lot by my husband. (Yes, I love it as much as you do.)  

Well, the answer to both those questions is this: 
Keeping up with this kid.  

Looks sweet and innocent, right?  He is, he is. What he is not, is ready to be left unattended for more than five seconds.  I know this, and I still forget that he is not as trustworthy yet as his big brothers.  Today, I made phone calls to two different companies to determine if the pills he had climbed to the very top shelf to get into would kill him or just make me have a panic attack.  Both of them were just herbal, so all was well after he threw up into the trash can.  He didn't have enough intestinal distress for my liking.  I was kind of hoping it would at least make him miserable enough for him to learn a lesson, but I almost think he thought it was fun.  Sigh.

After my shower, I came out to find that my sweet youngest had decided to help Mama cook. He was so very proud of himself. (Notice the hands on his hips.)

I started the potatoes for him before I left for my shower and he added his imaginative touch.  I had planned on using the mushrooms, just not in that exact way.

Really, who needs adult help for things like knives and getting things out of high cabinets?

 In the end, the only damage done was the mess on the floor and the liquid I had to drain off the potatoes.  I'm 99% sure it was just olive oil.  They tasted okay anyway.  

Whew!  I'm going to bed!

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