Friday, January 4, 2013

Judah's Three!

With every single birthday that comes for my boys (and for me!), I have a moment of, "Really? Already?"  Somehow, even though the days can be long at times, the years are strangely short.  My baby is three.  He is not a baby anymore.

After a family Christmas dinner we celebrated with cake and presents.
Intense concentration.

So, what does this three year old do these days?  Run. Jump. Climb. Tackle. Wrestle. Challenge. Persevere. Laugh. Scream. Snuggle. Kiss. Hug. Build. Destroy. Dance. Sing. Share. Snatch. Wiggle. Love.

One thing I can say about Judah is that whatever he does, he does it 100%.  There is no half-hearted emotion with this boy.  Which can make navigating going to the store - any store - tricky.  But it also makes my every day so much fun.

Judah's naps are coming to an end.  He can nap for about 30 minutes without night time being a misery. That is, if I can get him to sleep at a decent time.  Keeping him up, while challenging in itself, is easier than dealing with forcing a nap and then paying for it at night.  We're going to have to get rid of the bedtime passie soon, which I am pretty sure will end naps altogether.

Potty training is done!  We kept falling off the wagon until, finally, one day he just decided he was ready, and we haven't fallen off again.  There was a little trouble with #2 making it to the potty, but when he came back from staying a week with Grandmama in Georgia and she told me he never had an accident and always told her when he had to go, I was on to his tricks. After that, he figured out that just doing his business in the potty was more pleasant than dealing with me.

Judah Lee, you are my joy!  I have never thrown my head back and laughed before as much as I have in the three years of being your mama.  You exude life!  You know how cute you are, what a treasure you are, and I know that you will carry that with you.  You will know and understand what joy you bring to your Heavenly Father and just how much He delights in you.  Out of that understanding you will lead others into that kind of relationship with Him.  You hold His heart, and you will unlock the treasures of His heart for others.  I know you have already done it for me.  I looooooovvvveee..........YOU!

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