Friday, June 8, 2012

The Easter Egg by Luke

Today is Luke's last day of kindergarten, and he's been coming home all week with all the papers he's accumulated over the year.  It has been fun to see what he's worked on as well as how much progress he's made.  I really hadn't realized how big a difference the year had made in his writing and ability to express his thoughts, but it's pretty stunning.  

This is from the beginning of the year.  The teacher had to decipher what he wrote.

                                                  This is from two months ago.

My favorite thing he came home with was a twelve page story called "The Easter Egg".  I'm not sure if it's finished or over how long of a period of time it was written, but I laughed out loud over several parts.  I don't expect any other person to appreciate this as much as I did, or even to read the whole thing.  But I wanted it saved digitally so that:

1. I can remember how much he made me smile with pride and genuine appreciation for his work. 
2. He can know how much I cherished every accomplishment of his and how much I enjoyed watching him grow.

Plus, I know that I am every bit as bad about going on a "cleaning out" spree as my clutter free mother, and this will surely be thrown away in the heat of the moment.

Grandmothers, you don't get a pass on this; this is required reading for you. :)  If you need it to be larger you can click on the picture.

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