Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flat Bumps

I'm always a little nervous about what Luke's teacher is going to say when I pick him up because it seems like Luke's inquisitive nature often leads to awkward conversations.  Last week he was trying to teach his teacher how to hula hoop.  When she wasn't successful around her waist he suggested she move it up higher.  She is not a small chested woman and simply said, "It won't work up higher for me."  Luke, who is never satisfied at a simple answer, persisted in asking why not, until his teacher finally said, "I'm too bumpy." Luke then proceeded to ask the other teacher if she was as bumpy as Miss Mandy.  Miss Keri, trying not to laugh, said, "Nooooo, no quite." 

He came home telling me about the bumps his teachers have on their ribs and how they couldn't hula hoop because of them.  I was absolutely floored that he didn't know that they were referring to their breasts, considering I nursed Judah for over a year....until I heard him talking to Kris about the whole situation later.  Kris asked him about teaching his teachers to hula hoop and their bumps, to which Luke replied, "Yeah, Mama has bumps too, but hers are flat bumps."

There's nothing to boost your self esteem like the honesty of your children.


Lauren said...

Oh geez! Kids say the darnedest things.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodnesss...luke is hysterical!! i would fall in that "flat bumps" category too! its inevitable after nuring THREE babies.

The Journey said...

your kids crack me up!