Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Kitchen Is Closed (Almost)

I've been working on weaning Judah for the past month or so, hanging on to those last morning and evening feedings just for cuddling purposes.  With some baby-free vacations coming up quickly (Judah doesn't know yet, so don't spill the beans.), I figured I needed to finish the job before leaving him with Grandma for a week for three very important reasons: 

1. Somehow I doubt she would appreciate me leaving him with her while he still expects someone to take their shirt off for him twice a day.
2. I have no interest in taking a breast pump on a cruise.  Been there, done that, not signing up for it again.
3. Judah has only been eating on one side for a while now, and while being lopsided in full clothing isn't so bad, it's a little tricky to camouflage in a bikini. 

So, with the exception of the moments when he wants to double check that the tank is indeed empty, I am officially finished nursing Judah. 


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The Journey said...

This post made me laugh! Learned more than I was bargaining for about breast feeding :)