Saturday, December 12, 2009

Luke's First Day of School

Luke started school last Wednesday. He has been dropped off every day without tears (excluding my own) and only minimal lip pooching. He's happy every day when he gets picked up, so that makes me not worry about the sad face when he gets dropped off.

The first day I picked him up a little girl in his class came out the door after him to give him a picture she had drawn. He just looked at her and said, "That's not mine." After I explained that she had drawn it for him and was giving it to him, she said, "It's me and you." He has his Daddy's innate charm, I guess. The ladies already love him.

He came home this week talking about the Christmas story and singing Christmas songs. He told me about Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus, the donkey and he's been singing Jingle Bells with random words. It's been fun to hear the things he's learning.

There was one day when I had doubts about our decision to put him in school. Not that anything in particular made me worry, but I guess it's just letting go of control. Then I thought about all the wonderful people aside from my parents who have had an impact on my life and helped me become who I am. I'm grateful my parents let go enough to give those people an opportunity to help me grow, and I know this is a wonderful school and a wonderful chance for him to grow in ways that I can't provide. It's a gift. To me, to him, to Eli (he likes being an only child in the mornings, he has decided).

The face I see every day at the end of the school day

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