Monday, August 17, 2009

Hoffmann's Travels

We've been on the road for the past couple of weeks. That's my explanation for the pitiful number of updates recently.

At the end of July, I went to Nashville to visit Raeanna. I got to fly out on Thursday and stay until Sunday. It was so fun to hang out with Rae and be completely selfish. We ate whatever I wanted to. We slept. We read. We cooked. We went sightseeing. We got a pedicure. It was tons of fun, and I had a great time remembering what it was like to be just me for a little bit. And I came home ready to be "Mama" again.

Two days later Luke, Eli and I packed up and went to Camilla until Saturday. Kris was away, staying at Disney, at a class for work. Sadly, his class was really tough and he had to study a lot, so he didn't get to enjoy his stay all that much. We, however, played really hard and enjoyed our stay in Camilla. Daddy was amazing with the boys and let them ride with him whenever he could. Of course, Mama fed us well and made sure we had fun. Before we left home, I asked Luke what he wanted to do at Grandma and Grandaddy's, and he said, "Just eat and play." Sounds good to me.

We got home last night from a weekend at Delray Beach. (Pictures to come) Mrs. Bonnie's 40th class reunion was this weekend, and she asked us all to come along and stay in the hotel. We had fun playing in the pool and walking around the city. It's a beautiful area.

We're worn out and ready to be home for a little while. I have a retreat this Friday night and Kate is coming next week to be here for my next ultrasound (!!!!). So, we still have a few more fun things planned before summer ends.

***I have to brag on Kris. He found out he made a 92 on his test! All the studying paid off!***

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Lauren said...

Wow, sounds like a busy couple of weeks! I can't wait to hear the results of your upcoming ultrasound.

Take Care!!