Monday, May 18, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Last Sunday we skipped church and took the boys fishing. The first ten minutes were fun, and then Eli started eating the "bait". It was a loaf of bread, so we weren't expecting much out of it anyway. After about thirty minutes, Kris decided that the next trip would be sans Eli, for sure. And sans Mama because I was getting hot and starting to complain. In my defense, it was ninety-five degrees.

Sweet Luke
My boys
Eli eating the bait.
Eli was always happier when he had control of the rod.
This took me back to childhood memories of going fishing with my grandaddy in the ponds behind our house. Those trips never lasted very long either for the very same reason ours was so short, but it was something special that we did together. I'm excited about all the fun memories my boys will make in the years coming.


Christy Ward said...

Too cute!

Heather said...

Luke reminds me of Mark in the profile shot. I miss you!

clair said...

I call Luke 'Mark' ALL the time, Heather, so I must see it too!

The Journey said...

Your kids CRACK me up! I love reading your stories! Thanks for opening a window into your awesome family! :)