Tuesday, April 8, 2008


...are great in theory. In reality, they are a different story. If I didn't have a clinger and a crawler, I might be able to enjoy them. If I had just a clinger it wouldn't be a problem at all. But the crawler makes it tricky. Four pair of eyes might be nice too. That way it wouldn't be as difficult to watch for my crawler trying to throw himself over the side of the playground equipment. Literally.

I came home from the park today and emailed the girls that were at the play date to see if they wanted to have a girls' night so I could actually have a conversation with them. It made me feel better that the general consensus was "Yes!" Hanging out without having to keep our kids from beating each other up or executing their kamikaze missions appeals to all of them.

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Christy Ward said...

We have our first 'playdate' at the park on Friday. I am already nervous....I have a feeling it will be more work for me than fun for him!!